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    Dongying Tousin Precision Metal Ltd

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    People’s Republic of China
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    1. How long has the factory been established and how many employees does the factory have?
    Established in 2003, the factory has grown massively. We have 10 Technical Engineers, 6 Managers, and 300 Workers.
    2. How do we work together?
    We need to know your detailed requirements of products, and we normally demand drawings or sample, we will revert you with a solution.
    3. Can you provide complete products?
    Yes. We provide complete products including machining, finishing treatment, packing and shipment on request. It is our goal to provide you with one-stop and hassle free service.
    4. What benefits do we expect from buying from you?
    Cost reduction without compromise on quality.
    5. How is the quality assured?
    Quality problems usually stem from production process, not from inspection process itself. To minimize production problems all parts are operator inspected at each step of the production process with a final inspection prior to shipping.
    6. How long does it take to get a quote?
    On average, it takes 2 days upon receipt of drawings and/or samples.
    7. What data should be provided for quotation requirement?
    In order for us to respond for a quick quote in a timely fashion, please be sure to send us the detailed information of your product, including the following factors:
    ◆Estimated part weight, or actual weight if parts already exist
    ◆Sample products, if any exist
    ◆Alloy grade
    ◆Drawings with detailed and actual sizes
    ◆Heat treat specification
    ◆Surface treatment requirements
    ◆Estimated annual quantities
    ◆State if design changes can, or cannot be made
    ◆Blueprints must be in English, either metric or inch are all right
    8. How long does it take to receive samples?
    It takes between 15 – 40 days to make a tool (subject to complexity) and a further 10 days to make samples. The tooling prices include a provision to send samples to a customer by Express. The Express service takes approximately 5 days to anywhere in the world.
    9. How long is the manufacturing lead time?
    We aim to manufacture goods within 30 days. Lead times for products with machining, polishing or other additional processes can take longer. We often receive requests for urgent goods, and can often provide shorter lead times.
    10. What are the payment terms?
    Payment terms are negotiable and will improve for long term customers.
    During the initial stages, we request 50% of tooling fee in advance with the balance payable on acceptance of samples.
    Production orders can be paid for by L/C or TT under agreed terms. Credit checks will be carried out on customers before any credit is offered.
    11. Which currency can we buy in?
    We can deal in USD, Euro.
    12. How long does it take to ship goods from China?
    It takes about 27 days to European ports. It takes about 2 weeks to east coast and 3 weeks to west coast US ports. All sea goods are shipped from Qingdao Port. It takes about 7 days to all major destinations by air.
    13. How do we retain client confidentiality?
    We are happy to sign Confidentiality Agreements with customers and will honour them. Customers should be aware that we have a lot of international visitors auditing our factory and any WIP will be on view.
    14. Can we visit the factory to conduct an audit?
    Yes, you are welcome to visit the factory by prior agreement. The factory undergoes several audits each month, so please provide sufficient notice so that engineers can be on hand to support you.
    15. Is there a minimum volume of business required to conduct international purchasing?
    There are no minimum volumes, but the prices of the goods, plus the fixed costs of importing makes it more economical to buy in high volumes. All potential customers will be assessed on an individual basis to determine if it appears a viable option for all parties to develop a relationship.